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Your Health & Wellbeing

Helping our residents to stay as healthy and happy as possible is a top priority. To this end we have excellent links with our local GPs District Nurses, Physios, Dieticians and Speech Therapist and call on them whenever required. We also make sure that our residents have access to a dentist, optician and audiologist.

A hairdresser comes regularly to the The Old Vicarage ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to get their hair cut/styled. Of course if people prefer they can travel into Grange for this service.

Whilst most of our residents are with us full time, we are able to provide a respite service. This can enable family carers to have a break and recharge their batteries. Additonally, for local people we are also able to offer day care. This means that individuals requiring a level of care can participate in our daily activities but return home at the end of the afternoon. Please ring us to discuss your particular circumstances.

We all know that animals can provide comfort and therefore we have two very friendly and pampered cats that live with us. They bring great joy to many of our residents who delight in stroking/loving them. We also welcome dogs and other pets who can accompany family and friends on short visits and will make a space available so that they can be reunited with residents .

When people move to a care home they can lose their sense of purpose, especially as they are no longer carrying out the chores or activities that were previously an essential part of their lives. At The Old Vicarage we want our residents to continue to feel valued. Therefore we are likely to ask for their help to carry out some simple tasks. This might be watering the plants, helping set the table for meals or folding towels. Of course residents are never left to do these things on their own. As well as helping them retain their self-worth, residents also benefit from participating in meaningful conversations alongside the activity.

About Us

The Old Vicarage is a professional & friendly care home based in a beautiful natural setting – Allithwaite in Cumbria.

From the best care in the county, to lovely facilities, activities, daytrips and top-notch food, life at The Old Vicarage is truly special.

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