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Your Lifestyle

People living at The Old Vicarage are encouraged to continue to lead lives that are as full and rewarding as possible. By getting to know as much as possible about our residents we’re able to tailor activities to their personal interests. So if going out for afternoon tea was a regular highlight, then we’ll make sure that they continue to enjoy it. In fact our resident’s are well known in Grange and quickly become part of the wider community. Equally, if going to Church on Sundays was important or reading the paper in a quiet corner was a daily must, we’ll make sure they happen too.

In conjunction with the personal interests and hobbies that we are able to cater for, Andy, our Activity Co-ordinator, oversees a programme of engaging group activities. This might include cooking, craft work, music sessions or gardening. It may also involve a trip to the theatre, museum or a local garden centre. Of course if a session doesn’t grab someone’s interest they are free to do something else that is more to their taste.

Andy, or another of the staff also make sure that they spend time with people who don’t like organised or group activities. This ensures that they remain engaged and an important part of our community.

About Us

The Old Vicarage is a professional & friendly care home based in a beautiful natural setting – Allithwaite in Cumbria.

From the best care in the county, to lovely facilities, activities, daytrips and top-notch food, life at The Old Vicarage is truly special.

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